Fly Fishing Lessons and Education

   "Your passion for fly fishing is infectious!"    

H. Woolvett, Ontario                 

Fly fishing lessons are one of your most important investments.

An enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgable fly fishing instructor can teach you more in a few hours than you'll learn in a year on your own.

"What a delightful (and practical) way to teach the grace of fly fishing.  Your concept of casting to the beat of music and your demo of following the horizontal of the rod made the complex  and difficult seem simple and easy.  The essence of good teaching. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending the day with you. "

A. Kazmer, Toronto

Introduction to fly-fishing.


Understanding the passion.


    While many introductory courses spend up to half the time in a classroom environment, my students spend nearly all of the time with a fly-rod in their hands learning to cast. It is based on the simple idea that it doesn’t matter how much theory and technical stuff you know - if you can’t cast you can’t fly fish. Presentation, in other words casting, is a good 90% of successful fly-fishing. If your presentation sucks it’s pretty much guaranteed your fly-fishing experience will too. Fly fishing basics - rods, reels, lines, leaders as well as basic fly selection and entomology - are also covered.

Intro courses are 4 hours long.

$125 per angler. (Minimum 2 anglers, maximum 3)


Advanced casting.


Passion in the 3rd dimension.


    In the 1st dimension of fly-fishing people want to catch a lot of fish, in the 2nd they only want to catch big fish, and in the 3rd they want to catch difficult, smart fish that are thumbing their noses at them. The double-haul, curve casts, airiel mends, parachute casts, dump casts, tuck casts, are all part of the arsenal that can take you to that 3rd dimension of fly-fishing - In the Zone.

    It’s a nice place to be. It is the ‘Zen’ of fly-fishing.

These classes are taught by the hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

$60 per hour for 1 angler - $100 per hour for 2.