Fly Fishing Guarantee

"If you ever have the opportunity,

get Doug as your guide for the day."

Tim Thackrah, Farnham, UK

       "What a great day we had with Doug.  I having been fishing all over the world, and - even being experienced I learnt a lot of new things that I could put into practice. A truly memorable and fantastic day -  caught loads of fish all day on the dry fly,  it was great to apply the newly learnt tips both on the river in Canada and to be able to  successfully use them back at home.Thank you Doug for a truly great fishing experience!"


   Not everyone can have the kind of day I had with my clients (and now friends) Tim and Robin from the UK, who hooked and released over 50 fish on dries one afternoon. But my goal is always to make your day the best day conditions allow.  If not - I owe you.


The 20% Fly Fishing Guarantee

Any Guide or Outfitter who guarantees you a perfect day’s fishing is a helluva lot better liar than I am. As Sparse Grey Hackle once wrote: “I learned early on that if I was going to enjoy fly fishing I wasn’t going to be able to count on the co-operation of the fish.” That said, nobody hires a guide just to have a nice day. You want to catch fish. I want you to catch fish. In fact, it’s probably even more important to me than to you – it’s my job. But if for some reason, such as the Gods being against us, or Mother Nature having a hissy fit, or the fish taking the day off to attend a Tupperware party, if I don’t think you’ve had the kind of day you should have then you can book another available day at 20% off.

The 10% Client Reward

My best supports and promoters are my clients and one good turn deserves another. If you recommend me to a new client who books me, then I want to repay the support - on your next booking I’ll take 10% of my regular price. That’s 10% for each new client booking. If it’s 2 new bookings that’s 20% off. If it’s 10 new bookings on your recommendations you get your next trip …. Oh, what the hell, I guess the only way to put it is free